Authentic Farmhouse Ale from Jester King

The Jester King brewery is located on the outskirts west of Austin Texas in an authentic farmhouse that is surrounded by nature and agriculture.

The farmhouse and the land that it sits on  is approximately 165 acres of land in the Taxes Hill country. This is a working farm where fruits and vegetables are grown, there are approximately 100 fruit trees on the property. The owners believe in bio-diversity and grow a variety of trees from medlar, paw paw, fig, Asian persimmon, pomegranates, plums, apricot and pluot trees.

The use of pesticides are avoided as the native grasses are grown to trap and hold water in the land. Grazing animals are allowed to roam free to naturally fertilize the land. Animals such as Nigerian Dwarves can be found foraging the farm land and their milk is sweet tasting and is used to produce soap.

Jester King has establised itself as one of the few breweries in the United States that uses and cultivates wild yeast in the production of its beers. The brewery uses the old technique of cooling the beer in a coolship and this adds microfalura from the air around the farm. In addition to this, wild yeast from the barrels and the ingredients contribute the the unique taste that is Jester King.

Award-Winning Beer

Jester King is an award winning brewery and was founded by Jerrery Stuffings and his brother Michael Steffings (Michael is using the historical spelling of the family name) in 2010. The brewery has won awards such as:


Spontaneous Fermentaed Beer 

Jester King Beers are made with a certain philosophy of combining local ingredients with wild yeast and aged in carefully chosen barrels that results in the unique taste that the brewery is known for. Sometimes fruit is added resulting in a unique blend of wine and beer.

Because of the wild yeast, each production run results in a unique beer. Buy Direct Global recommennds that the beer is sipped like a wine rather than gulped like a beer. The beer goes well with a wide variety of foods or just on its own chilled. The bottle lables and caps are also unique and are an artwork on its own just like each issue of the beer. Some people will buy two bottles where one is for drinking and one is kept and aged for at least another year to allow the wild yeast to futher develop the beer in the bottle.

Where to Buy Jester King Beer in Singapore?

If you wanted to have a taste of Jester King Beer straight from the tap, you probably would have to fly all the way to Austin Texas and take a 35 min drive to the farmhouse. You would be able to experience the nice Texas Hill Country atmosphere at one of the their three bars and restaurant but you would have to wait in line for at least 20 mins before getting served your beer.

However, Jester King is now available in Singapore from specialist Craft Beer establishments and online from Buy Direct Global.

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